I’m fighting against sleep today. Last night was a closed dress rehearsal for Jekyll and Hyde.  We had to stop a few places to fix some lighting transitions or placement.  Otherwise, things went well.  I got to bed around 11:30.  That of itself isn’t too bad but coming in from a long rehearsal, I needed to be in bed.  My son woke me up at 3:30am this morning crying and saying his tummy hurt.  Most of the time he says that he’s just thirsty so a cup of water will settle him back down.  At 4:15am he was up and back at it coughing up phlegm and crying.  My wife and I got up and helped calm him down.  He had a small fever but it broke after some children’s Tylenol.  He went back to his usual self and was good to go to school.

So I’m operating off of, I’ll say may be about three and a half to four hours of sleep. Not a good way to start my day.  Coffee has helped some this morning, but I’m starting to get drowsy again.  If only I can make it to 1:00 and I can get some more coffee.

I got word from my wife that our son’s fever came back and she took him to the doctor. Sure enough, strep throat.  Once he gets some medicine and goes to sleep at home, he will be feeling loads better tomorrow.  The teacher at daycare said that she is missing four kids to strep throat, so apparently its going around in a big way.

No rehearsal tonight. I may try to squeeze a nap in or something when I get off work.  We still have church tonight.  We may or may not go, depends on how my son feels.

I need coffee or a nap. I could do with both.


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