There are days where I will go through a dark mood for no real particular reason. I’m more liable to get frustrated or angry.  I usually feel very alone and withdrawn from everyone else around me.  It’s an odd feeling because I have positive influences around me at work, family, church, and other extra stuff that I do, but these will still come on me.

I’ve had these hit me several times in the past few weeks. They are usually few and far between, but for some reason it feels like it’s something I have a tough time shaking.  Maybe I’m just tired.  I have been busy lately working on Jekyll and Hyde in addition to everything else I normally do.  I really hope that’s just it, but these mood swings hit me at work and then I carry them throughout the afternoon.  One of the most frustrating things is I know in my head it’s just a weird mood thing that will pass eventually but I still feel a certain way.  It’s like I have trouble reconciling my head vs my heart.  I’m not a fan.

Maybe if I start posting every time these hit me I have a better sense of what is going on and how often it really happens. If anyone knows of a good way to get through it faster or anything that helps I welcome all suggestions.  I hate feeling like this, which does not help the feeling itself at all.

I’ve got open dress rehearsal for the show tonight. We have a group coming from a retirement home, I think along with a few others that will help the cast get a sense of being in front of an audience.

I’ll try to squeeze a nap in before rehearsal as soon as I get home. Maybe that will help.


One thought on “Mood Swings

  1. When you feel low, find a quiet place and meditate on your life. These lows are to be treasured and soon you’ll start enjoying them. Get enough sleep and rest. Whoever doesn’t get enough rest, can’t work, either. Hence, rest comes first.

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