Last night was open dress rehearsal for Jekyll and Hyde. We had about fifty people in the audience to watch and give the cast a good test of what their opening would be like.  There is a saying that if you have a rough dress rehearsal, your opening will be good.  Well, if last night was any indicator, our opening tonight is going to be stellar.

We had a good bit go wrong last night. Shelves that are flown in on the fly system slammed into the stage floor when the operator missed the spike mark on the rope.  There was only one bottle break, so we were fortunate there.  Some props didn’t make their places,  a cast member was hit when we were moving the lab table off set (she admits it was her fault), the tracks at the end were in the wrong order (easily fixed, but still wrong).  It was certainly an eventful night.  As far as we could tell the audience enjoyed themselves and that’s what was important.

So tonight it’s go time. We are about 35 seats away from being sold out as of last night so we are set to have a great audience.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

In a change of subject, we are still dealing with a little sickness in the house. My three year old son is still dealing with the last vestiges of strep throat.  No fever for the past day, which is good, but you can tell he still feels kinda lousy.  He should be back at daycare today so maybe with some friends to play with he can feel better.


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