Well, folks, the show has officially opened and everything so far has been awesome. We were nearly sold out for opening night on Friday night, and had full audiences for both the Saturday night show and Sunday afternoons.  I expect our shows for the second weekend (10/6-10/9) to sell well due to great word of mouth.  It’s the first time in quite a while that our theatre has offered something different from what the usual fare has been.  Still trying to cover costs of running the building and a renovation, the board of directors has been putting a strong emphasis on shows being profitable.  Yes, we want to be successful as we can, but that idea has hamstringed what shows have come up over the past few years.  Really its been several seasons of the same ole stuff (sorry Wizard of Oz) and music reviews that cost us little or nothing to pay royalties for.  Finally with Jekyll and Hyde, something has come up that offers something different as the sound and content of the show.  It appeals to a different group of audience members and has brought a lot of new people to the playhouse.  We have the show Big Fish coming in the spring.  Between this show and that one, we will be able to hopefully change the direction of many shows that are presented in the future.

We won’t be back to the theatre until Thursday. Everyone needs the break for sure.  With the weather changing to cooler temperatures and the natural wear and tear of the show, there are a few people starting to fight the crud.  This will give everyone time to recover and rest up for the closing weekend.

For most of this year I’ve had a pretty apathetic attitude towards theatre in general. There were people in leadership positions who were working under their own agendas and clashing with each other like children instead of working together and leading.  You will never really get rid of drama at the theatre, but I had hoped for everyone to at least act like cordial adults.  This stuff just turned me off to everything.  I had almost resigned to the fact that I had my time there and it may have been time to move on.  Being called to work on this show has reignited my love for the theatre again.  I’ve found a play that I want to direct in our black box theatre about Edgar Allen Poe.  I’ll be ordering the script in the next few weeks to read.  I’m also entertaining the idea of auditioning for Big Fish.  Auditions are coming up in January.  The play is based off the movie directed by Tim Burton, but is its own production.  The music is something different again, which is appealing.  I also empathize with the story of a son who has a strained relationship with his father who he doesn’t really know that well.  My wife has been wanting to play the role of the witch for months and wants to do something with the show no matter what the role she has in it.  If we are both in it, we would have the challenge of having our son with us or with grandparents (he will be 4 by this time).  I figure, see what happens at auditions and then make a decision.


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