We have been on our midweek break from the show, hopefully taking in the time to rest and recuperate. Which is really just code for doing something else besides rehearsal instead.  Last night was a special “come to the book fair in your pajamas” night as my son’s daycare.  The book fair comes through about two times a year and when it does, the school tries to arrange some special events to go through the week.  It’s usually days where family can come and eat breakfast or lunch with the students (my son is eating lunch with my mom today as a matter of fact) and other fun things.  Last night from 6pm to 7pm was a night to show up in PJ’s and watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Also buying books from the book fair.  We picked up a set of phonics books based on DC superheroes.  My son seemed pretty excited; we read the first little book before bed last night.

After getting home and getting the little man into bed, I tried to catch up on some of the TV I haven’t been watching over the past several weeks. I was able to get caught up on Inkmaster, last week’s New Girl, and the season 3 premiere of The Flash.  I went to sleep around about 11:30.  Normally that would be good for me but my son woke up twice last night.  He just needed some water and to redo his blankets (he moves a lot when he sleeps) and then he went right back to bed.  I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning.  Tonight will be church; we help with the youth at our church in several capacities.  We won’t get back really late, and I love doing stuff at church, but it is still something else for us to go do that isn’t sitting on the couch and taking it easy.  I’ll try not to stay up watching TV shows, but no promises; I still have about 2.5 episodes of Luke Cage left…


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