It’s Friday again! It’s a bit of a crazy day at work, but we all take it in stride because it’s Monday. The weekend is so close we can taste it (whatever that actually tastes like).

Jekyll and Hyde started its final run of performances last night. We had a great crowd last night, especially for a Thursday night. We were short two stage crew members. One had a last minute business trip he could not avoid; we may see him sometime tonight as he is coming back into town this evening. Our other missing member was marching in his homecoming parade. We will have him back tonight so we will be working much better. The cast was great to help fill in for missing guys in scene changes and moving tables and such. We have a really great group.

The only night so far where our reservations aren’t filling up as fast is for Saturday night. Alabama has a night game this weekend so we had an uphill climb anyway. Either way, it’s all good.

My wife’s birthday is Sunday. Our ability to really celebrate will have to be delayed with all the craziness going on this weekend. She’s not thrilled about it but what can you do? She certainly understands. We will be able to do something cool next weekend though. We are gearing up for a family reunion at the family river house in north Georgia next weekend. I’m working to see if the family can watch our son for a while and then we go out to do something special.


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