My first attempt at stream of consciousness writing is for the word prompt “coin”. Ok, there’s a couple of ways I can go with “coin”.  I could talk about the fact that I try to keep change in my pocket as a regular part of my every day gear.  You know:  wallet, keys, phone, change.  It’s part of my daily stuff.  I’ve gone to using mostly cash whenever I spend money so I’m bound to wind up with extra coin in my pocket.

I could talk about coining a phrase. I’ve never been that clever though.  There have been times when I’ve actively wanted to come up with an original idea and be marked as a genius, but nothing ever comes from it. Or when I do think I have something original, later that day I find out someone else already had the idea or I hit that “duh” moment that it reminds me of something else.  Any made up words or phrases never stick, so my adventure to coin something goes on.

I get the image of stereotypical pirate gold when I think of coin. Pirates make me think of pirates of the Caribbean.  That makes me think of the new trailer I saw last week for the new Pirates movie coming out next year.  The tease looks pretty cool.

Coin, coin, coin…it starts to sound funny when you just say it over and over. Ok, I guess for now that’s it.  Coin.  Yep, I got nothing else.


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