Well, I survived another crazy packed weekend. The final weekend for Jekyll and Hyde has come and gone.  I’ll do another post on the show itself in a little bit.  There were a few other things going on in addition to all that.

Friday night after the show we had a cast party in one of our reception rooms. Everyone brought some food and we just had a great hang out with each other.  The cast has really bonded over this show and setting into the final days of the production was starting to get hard for most everyone.

JH Cast Party.jpg

Saturday (after our son took a nap) we went to the Harvest Festival of a neighboring town. They had several booths set up all over Main Street and around the Chamber of commerce.  You could see boutiques out selling clothes, cute toys and trinkets for kids, and food vendors selling stuff from corn dogs and chicken on a stick, to lemonade, to funnel cakes.  There was a stage set up where local bands and singing groups would be playing music throughout the day to give some entertainment to everyone who was there.  There were lots of things around for the kids to do.  There was a free play area where blow up jumpies were set up for kids to play on for free.  There was a farm company who had quite a set up with a sandbox area filled with corn (pictured).

There was an area that explained the process of harvesting corn and even a statue (I don’t know what else to really call it) where you could see what it is like to milk a cow.  There was a train that was taking people on rides around the whole festival and several games of chance that kids could play to try to win a prize.  My son actually won a small stuffed animal (a monkey).  He had a really good day and was not anxious to go home.  We returned in time to watch the Alabama football game on TV, but I had to change clothes and head on over to the theatre.

The audience that night was a little lighter, but when you are going against college football for people’s attention that’s bound to be expected. Everyone was still very receptive to the show and praised the performance for the talent quality and the fact that it was very different from what the theatre had done before.

Sunday was church that morning. I managed to make it to Sunday school and stayed through worship.  After all that had finished and people were in the process of “greeting those around you” I stepped out and went home to eat some game day leftovers before heading over to the theatre for the matinee and final show of the run.  (Again, more on the show in a little bit)


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