As in all things, once something ends another comes behind it and begins. Last night was my first rehearsal for It’s a Wonderful Life.  Our theatre usually does some kind of Christmas or holiday show around this season.  We have done the show before but it’s been a few years.  I’ve actually done this show before.  I was a teenager and was the guy who pushed Mr. Potter around in his wheelchair and worked on stage crew.  The character’s name was Potter’s Goon.

This time around my wife and I will be playing the parts of Mr. and Mrs. Martini. For those unaware, they are patrons of George Bailey’s Building and Loan and own a bar in town.  The goal in this show was to find something where we all could be in the show but not take a lot of time and commitment to do.  Our son will also be in the show somewhere as a member of generic townspeople.  This one will be a whole family affair.  Usually when shows come up my wife and I have to pick and choose which ones we want to do (if any).  One of us would do the show while the other would hold down the fort at home and take care of things for our son.  He’s still three, but older to where he could go with us on more things so we figured this would be a good one to do.

Last night was just a basic blocking rehearsal for some of the more basic scenes; nothing really extravagant. The stage is still bare from the strike of Jekyll and Hyde save for the exception of the skeleton of the back platform that will serve as the bridge that George Bailey will try to jump off from.

This weekend is a family reunion of sorts on my dad’s side and we are all going to a river house that is owned by the family to spend the weekend. It’s a nice house that is secluded in northeast Georgia that is next to a flowing river.  With the extreme lack of rain we still have, I don’t expect the river to be as impressive as it usually is, but it’s still a nice getaway.  There will be Oktoberfest going on this weekend at a local town not too far from the river house and we also like visiting the town of Dahlonega to take in the shops and candy store.  We still don’t know what all we will be doing, but it’s a nice and easy attitude going in.  I’ll have more on this when we get back.


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