This past weekend was a much needed getaway. My aunt has a house in north Georgia that is located by a river (can’t think of which one) that is used a lot for family holidays or special occasions.  This past weekend my family went up to meet with my other aunt and uncle for a short reunion of sorts.

This year has been big year for members of our family and my dad wanted to take some time to celebrate things. My wife and I got promotions at our jobs, my wife got an additional level of certification at her job, my sister graduated with her masters and started her new job as an art teacher, my sister’s boyfriend completed his technical training and got promotions at his job, and my mom went through a double knee replacement and has been recovering really well from her surgery.  We had a lot to celebrate.

The house is pretty secluded. It’s back in the woods from a main highway and off a gravel road.  There is no TV or cable at the house and cell reception is spotty.  It truly is the ideal place to get away from it all.  The house has a real cozy feel with lots of places to lounge and talk or have kids play.  My son spent most of his time playing on the McDonalds play kitchen or the kids tool bench with just about any play tool you could think of.  My aunt and uncle that were coming down had some car trouble and wouldn’t be able to join us until later Saturday.  This left me, my wife, our son, my sister and her boyfriend to spend the afternoon as we wanted and so we went to Dahlonega.  I’ll post more about this in the following days.  We got back and cooked steaks out on the grill and hung out beside the fire pit outside.  The weather couldn’t have been more applicable to being outside and sitting outside listening to the river was a perfect setting.  We felt like we packed in a lot of stuff into the weekend and felt well rested when we came back home.


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