Well, yesterday I officially took the plunge and am going through a trial week at a gym. My track record for these things hasn’t been pretty good, but there is hope.

My last attempt at regular exercise lasted for about two weeks. I was doing pretty well.  I had found some exercises online that I could do at home and I had worked out getting up about 40 minutes early to go through them and shower before work.  Then I got sick and couldn’t really do all of that until I got better.  Then I just kinda let it go and never picked it up.

Two weeks ago a local gym came by work and has a deal for anyone working here to get a membership to include classes and tanning (I don’t tan, but it’s still part of the deal) for just 25$ a month. They also can arrange for it to be payroll deducted.  They have three gyms that this would apply to so you could juggle whichever ones you wanted to do.  The newest one is set up on the highway right on my way to pick up my son from daycare at the end of the day.  I figure I can get off work at 3, work at the gym and shower within an hour, and then pick my son up and be back home before 5.  I’m a creature of habit, so working this in to some existing schedule I have works really well for me.

Yesterday was day one of the free week trial they had coupons for. This gym is pretty cool.  They have the usual weight machines and treadmills.  They also have a active workout area with training stuff you see people working on before they go out for American Ninja Warrior.  The staff there was really friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable coming in. With my schedule having a tendency to change from day to day, the gym is also appealing since it is a 24/7 gym.  If my regular stop in the afternoon doesn’t work out, then I can stop by at night.  Whatever works.

I’m hoping to lose enough at first to bring me under 200 pounds. I’m not grossly overweight, but definitely have more on me than I want.  We will see how it goes, I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing no gym pictures or progress photos. Pretty sure no one wants to see that.


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