via Daily Prompt: Waiting

The theatre here has a black box theatre that rarely gets used. For those that are unaware, what is usually referred to as a black box theatre is a performance space that has no real stage and can be configured to any setup for the actors to perform and the audience to sit.  It also is usually a smaller space and creates a more intimate experience for the actors and audience members, usually tossing out the fourth wall, or appearance of one.  You can feel like you are part of the story and just observing from a back porch or kitchen table.  That and the room is almost usually all painted in black.  Hence:  black box theatre.

I’ve had an idea to do something spooky in this space for a few years but obstacles in life have kept me from moving on this. I’ve been toying with a night of one acts where we would do something like “The Monkey’s Paw” or “The Tell Tale Heart”; something really creepy and scary to draw the audience in.  Things are finally better for me now and I’ve been looking for something to do.  I finally found one (hopefully) in the play “Nevermore!  Edgar Allen Poe, The Final Mystery”.  The sample that was available on Samuel French (a company that sells scripts and licensing rights for performances) looked really good so I finally ordered a copy last week.  Now I am just waiting for the script to finally get here.

I’ve wanted to do some kind of show like this in this black box for several years now. The thought that I may finally have a show that I want to propose is exciting.  There are still many steps that would need to happen between now and then before it actually becomes a show in production, but it’s nice to at least have a small start.


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