The last place we took a look at before we headed on back home was a little store called Mark of the Potter in Clarksville, GA. It was a shop that sold mostly fired and glazed pottery that was made from artists in the south east along with a local artist who worked in the shop.

The store was set up in an old corm mill right by the river. The store tried to keep as much of the original building intact so they could feature the history of the place.  There was a very small door you could go down that was under the main store where they had a plaque listing the history of the place.

Out back on the porch was an area where you could buy fish food for a quarter and then throw it down to the river below and feed the trout there. These fish were pretty big and you could tell that they didn’t go hungry.  They were fun to watch as they all dived for the fish food that went over.

We were able to watch the local potter in the shop work on one of her pieces. She was making a set of mugs that had an indention in them where your thumb would go.  There were a lot of really cool things in the store but a little too expensive to drop on a coffee cup.

After a little time there we went back to the river house, most of us took a nap while watching Finding Nemo, and then packed the last of our stuff to go home. It was a great weekend for everyone and we were already talking about plans when we could come back next.


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