I ate way too much. I am in serious need of retraining and managing what I think I need to eat and what I actually end up eating.  This past weekend was filled with TV watching.  First, Saturday is all set aside for college football.  In the south of the US, college football has worked its way into the culture where it feels like parts of the state shut down to spend all day watching college teams battle on the gridiron.  Along with game day watching, there is also all the food.  A full meal was prepared at my house of ribs on the grill, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, salad, and corn on the cobb.  Followed by ice cream and my own afternoon snack of popcorn.  Not to mention about half a two liter of Coke.


Next day presented an evening of a Walking Dead premiere party over at a coworker’s house where there was jalapeno popper dip (holy crap was this stuff good) chili and then a cream cheese Danish casserole thing. Again, eating way too much.


Now this past week I had tried to eat better along with starting at the gym and for the most part I had been doing pretty well. I even allowed one cheat day of sorts during the week (I had planned on Saturday) to help manage my hunger and craving mentality.  It seemed to have taken the idea and just run with it.  Now it’s back to try to limit carbs, think of salad as a good thing, and drink nothing but water.


Note to self: remember to tell yourself you like water more than anything.


I haven’t had stomach troubles per se today, but I definitely don’t feel my best. Eventually you’d think I’ll learn.  Here’s to another week of trying to get better at eating, or should I say, not eating as much crap as I usually do?


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