Last night was our first rehearsal for It’s a Wonderful Life with all the extras around for their scenes. These scenes aren’t really long but it involves coordinating simple movement of about twenty people and 7-8 kids. Most of the blocking consists of “stand here. Turn and walk off when George Bailey does this”, but we still had to do it. And again. And again. Aaaaand again.

I know that this is part of it but there are a few people in the townspeople group that have never been on stage before. This is also the first time some people are getting to meet one another or work together. For instance, I met a incredibly sweet girl from one of our local high schools who played Eponine in their production of Les Miserables. She is one of our townspeople and also works with the children’s chorus. She’s an incredibly pretty and sweet girl with lots of talent. I’m glad we have her for this. There are other people who have been doing behind the scenes stuff and never been on stage until this show and they are scared out of their minds. Most thespians have been there before: that first experience of being on stage and just being scared to death of looking out and seeing the audience. Kudos to them for stepping out of their comfort zone a little.

This was also my son’s first rehearsal. Ever. He’s three and he is one of the townspeople. My wife and I are playing Mr. and Mrs. Martini and the script doesn’t say they have a child, but it doesn’t really say they don’t have one either. He did really well and followed directions like a pro. He gets antsy sometimes when he has to stay still for long periods of time, but then again, what three year old doesn’t? I was really proud of him.

Things are starting to come together piece by piece. Set pieces are still being built and there is a lot of work coming. November rehearsals will have us doing full runs of act one or act two, so things will be picking up soon.


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