I Can See the Finish Line

I’m getting to that point now where I’m hitting the downhill slide. I’ve hit a word count of 41,089 and still have about seven chapters left to complete my first novel ever.  I admit that going into NaNoWriMo was pretty intimidating but I managed to go along with my schedule and chapter breakdown and just go at it.  I already know several places where I want to go back and flesh out scenes and characters, and I still will have plenty of time to do that.


Usually with any kind of story idea or anything like that, it usually stems from one single scene or concept that I base the rest of it from. The next chapter that I write is that scene.  The culmination of the story that all this has been waiting for.  The heroes stand up to the antagonist and the conflict comes to a head.  You may be thinking, already?  Didn’t you say you have seven chapters still to write and you are hitting your climax now?  With the help of some time travel (one of my favorite story tools), you bet I am.  Even after the stuff hits the fan there is still plenty of story to tell and twists to be had.  I admit I’m a little nervous though.  This idea that has been in my brain is finally about to get put out there in a story.  It will exist somewhere outside my head where other people could pick it up and read through it.  It’s all been building to this.  What if it’s just stupid or doesn’t make sense?  Will it give the emotion and effect I want it to?


I’ll just have to wait and see I suppose. With the rate I’m getting things done the entire first rough (really rough) draft will be finished sometime Friday the 18th.  The story will be told.  Granted there will still be some to go back and revisit and flesh out, but still, it will be done.  I will have written a book.  Me.  The guy who up until three months ago had barely written anything worth anything ever before, ever.  Now if anything comes of it or not will yet to be determined.  The odds are against me that it would, but still…you never know.  Now that I’m almost at the conclusion of the story my mind has been working on the next book.  And then the next one.  Laying out a larger narrative that could to on really for as long as I decided the story was worth telling.  That’s a little exciting too.  I’m not getting ahead of myself, I remember I still have seven more chapters to go and some serious editing, but it’s rolled around in my mind already.


This month and this challenge have been interesting. I’ll bring more perspective when it is all said and done, but now that I see the finish line down the road I can’t help but want to just pick up speed and sprint all the way to the finish line.


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