My Thoughts for the Moment

Tonight brings to a close of a very long weekend.  There are usually times of the year that I get hit with this overwhelming feeling if being too busy.  I’m running from one thing to the other and barely have enough time to make sure I have clean socks (I just folded a lot today so I’m good now for a while).  These times I tell myself I will know better in the future and not do this to myself again, bit give it a few months and I’ll be back here again.

The chaos will subside after about two weeks, bit until then, I’m 90 to nothing.  I had a seven hour inventory, a few hours at home, and then off to a game night at a friend’s house (how horrible right?). We did a dress rehearsal today that went about three hours and now I’m waiting for my chicken fingers to finish so I can take my dinner home.  I’m looking forward to just a sit and chill night.


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