Book is done (kinda but not really), show about to open, holidays on the horizon.

I submitted my official word count in to NaNoWriMo this morning to get my win. The rough draft is completed!  I already have a good list of things I need to adjust and flesh out, but the first big step is finished.  I’m taking a few weeks to step away for a bit from the book.  I’ve got a play to finish and a little bit more of a work load at my job to get adjusted to, so that works out just fine.  Mid December I can come back to it with some fresh eyes and start working on my first revision.

We open It’s a Wonderful Life this Friday. We have the last of the tech bits all put in so now its just in that final push to an audience.  I’m looking forward for this show being over.  The show has been fine, but it hasn’t been the great experience we wanted it to be.  It really feels more like something on my To-Do list rather than something I enjoy.  Proposals for next season went before the board of directors yesterday.  They will come back and vote on the season on January 8th.  I submitted my proposal for Shakespeare in Love.  There were no real concerns about it so I am hopeful things will go well.  There are no other shows up against me for that season slot.  We shall see how it goes.

This coming Thanksgiving will be at my sister’s in Birmingham. This is the first time the two families from her and her boyfriend will come together and meet.  I can tell my dad is a little nervous at meeting my sister’s boyfriend’s mom.  He’s just not that great at meeting new people.  I’m looking forward to it though.  I should have plenty of feedback after it is all said and done.


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