What a weekend!

I’m sitting back stage waiting for the start of our matinee performance of It’s a Wonderful Life.  We opened on Friday to a sold out house and went on to Saturday (and did well despite having the Iron Bowl going at around the same time) and have moved in to today.  We should be at a full crowd today and are selling well for the rest of our run. 

With as well as the show has gone I’m ready for it to wrap up.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the holidays and having my plate of stuff to do relax some.  We gave proposals for the coming season and I put up Shakespeare in Love.  The board votes on January 8th, so stay tuned for more on that.  I’ve gotten great responses from people around who are looking forward to it, which is really encouraging.

Thanksgiving went well.  My family went down to my sister’s where our family met her boyfriend’s family for the first time.  Things went well and everyone had a good time.  It was a relief to just go to one Thanksgiving meal instead of the usual two or three I’ve been doing the past several years.  Everyone this year went about the same time so we could only do one, which is fine by me.  My sister was really nervous about getting all the food together but it all came out great.

The Iron Bowl decended upon the state of Alabama as it looks like society almost shuts down for the football game.  I’m happy to say  my team won so all was well in my house.  Next week we are doing two shows and the SEC championship game is that Saturday.  I’m sure someone will rig something up to watch the game during the day, I just haven’t heard about it yet.

After today we still have six more performances before we are done, but it will be over before we know it.


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