A look at the weekend and then to the future 

So ends my first week without any theatre.  It was great.  We still had a Christmas dinner with my department at work.  I went to go see Doctor Strange at the movie theatre.  I just finished the Walking Dead mid season finale.  It’s been great.

Coming into those next week I will have a big push to finish the first edit and revision to my book.  I’m really hoping to get it done before Christmas ; I should be able to.  I also have other Christmas parties and other things coming up so there is still plenty to do, but I feel more rested.

I get the feeling that this next year will push me to grow into other areas that I have just been thinking about.  Writing and trying to find representation for a book and directing a full play for the first time are at the forefront of my mind.  I’m anxious to push forward but very nervous at the same time.  Either way ,  big things I feel are on the distant horizon


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