Well, we are in the final stretch to Christmas and my own schedule has fallen in step. My wife and I will strike out later tonight to finish all the last little Christmas shopping we have to do and then we will be able to enjoy the weekend.

Auditions for Big Fish are coming up on January 6th and 7th and my wife couldn’t be more excited and nervous.  She’s been talking about wanting to be the Witch.  The production will be sometime in April so things for that show will be going pretty soon.  The vote on the next season will be on January 8th, so after that I will know if my proposal for Shakespeare in Love will be accepted.  Between a play and hopefully scouting a new gook to literary agents, my year is shaping up to be pretty busy with new things.

I was able to finish the first revision for my first book this past Monday. I will now be sourcing it out to a few beta readers to get some feedback.  I’m pretty happy with how things came out and I’m looking forward to hearing what other readers have to say.  I hope to get those copies out over the next week or two, but with the holidays going on you never really know.  So in the meantime I’m trying to stay busy writing other things.  I’ve got some world building initially started for a fantasy series/world, but I haven’t really landed on a specific story to tell yet.  I’m trying to knock out some short stories and maybe get those out to some literary magazines and such; you know, try to build up the old literary resume a little.  So far I’m really enjoying getting stories done and out.  I think I may stick with this writing thing.

I imagine my next post will come along sometime after Christmas, so for anyone who I am lucky enough to find as a reader at the moment, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Thanks for reading!


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