It’s been a busy theatre weekend. Auditions for Big Fish went up and the cast list is out.  There was a lot of really great talent that came out so I know casting this thing was hard.  I did not audition myself; my wife put in for this show, but I was there to watch everything. I have my own show coming up later in the season with Shakespeare in Love, so I don’t want to do too much; plus with my wife in the show, I will be at home keeping up with our soon-to-be-4 year old.  I’ll be plenty busy.

Writing this week has been slow. There is a competition piece I’m working on that’s due the 15th that I’m mostly done with, but with work picking up this week, I will be close to deadline before it’s finished.  I don’t know how much time I’ll have to go back and give it a good edit, so I’m not thrilled about that, but I should have something.  I’m happy with the story and concept anyway.

We are going to be gearing up soon for fine arts stuff with our youth group at church. I expect to take about 12 to 15 kids to competition in May for our state/district competition.  I’m still looking out for the new rule book for 2017, but no luck yet.  They are liable to make some subtle changes or add new categories, but we need to start working on things soon.  With as busy as kids are getting things in place early will help them have time to put in the effort needed to do well.  I’m always excited to see how it goes and what kids come up with what material.  We have some extremely talented kids in our group.

I have another writing friend who has come against some issues with having her work plagiarized by multiple sources. She’s been writing for two years now on different poetry sites and still sees her work pop up at other places online or by other users she knows.  It’s a sad thing.  When you just use writing as an outlet to speak your mind and express how you feel about things, to have your words taken by others and passed as their own is disheartening.

Really people, do we have nothing else better to do than rip off other’s work. Imagine what you could come up with if you spent the energy faking it and actually creating stuff of your own.  Just food for thought.

In an effort to be consistent, I’m scheduling work on this blog to hit every Wednesday. Now, I may get crazy and do extra content, but I like the look of Wednesday.  My other blog will be getting posts on Mondays.  I’m still looking at taking on a lot of writing/editing over the next few months and I want to make sure that the thing that got me writing in the first place (the blogs out here) don’t disappear as a result.


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