Getting Stuff Done in the Midst of Life

These past few days have been challenging in being able to get anything done. It’s been a row of successive days where I’ve just had stuff to do.  Work has been busy.  I’ve been running errands for random stuff right after work.  We get home at the end of the night, manage something quick for dinner and then get ready for bed.  It’s just been chock full of stuff.

I’ve got a little more of plotting done on my new novel outline. I’ve got a three act story (more or less) and now it’s just going in there and putting the smaller pieces in there to flesh it out.  Then I can start writing.  I also need character profiles and a supporting cast.  My goal with this next book is to flesh out the world more and not quite streamline the story like I did in the first one.  Not that the first one is bad by any means, it’s just I think I can work this one out better.

I went by the theatre the other night to answer makeup questions. The cast for And Then There Were None has some inexperienced people in the group and a lot don’t know how to do basic stage makeup.  I’m known around the theatre as the “makeup guy” so I got the call to go down.  The play opens up in about three weeks and there is still a good amount of work to go.  They have time, but the cast needs to pull together and get their lines solid. I know the director is stressing about this a good bit, but things always come together in the end.  For her sake I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

My manuscript is still out to my beta readers. I knew it would take a while to get back, but I just want an initial reaction to how it is.  Is it good?  Is it ok with some potential?  Is it total crap?  In any case, I continue to sit and wait.  I try to keep busy with other things and now that I have a new story idea it helps, but as you can see from earlier, I’m having a hard time getting any writing done.  I’m hoping that will change over the next few days.


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