Bring on the Creativity!


Tonight is the kick off for Fine Arts with our youth kids at church.  This will be our fourth year taking pieces down to compete.  This year we have 18 students competing in over 28 categories.  We also will have our first group competing this year submitting for both Christian Band and Worship Leading.


Fine Arts is an annual competition where youth from the Assemblies of God come together and compete in arts categories that can help build up their gifts in spreading the gospel.  We’ve had kids compete before in short sermon, art, poetry, urban dance, guitar, bass, children’s book, spoken word, singing, and more.  Those that score well will get an invitation to participate in the National Fine Arts competition. 


We’ve had great participation and talent before and this year is no different.  We’ve had some kids discover talents they didn’t know they had simply because they tried something here, or the confirmed that they do NOT want to do things.  Either way, it’s great to see what they bring each year.


I’ve managed to schedule progress checkups with everyone to where we see them at least once a month to take a look at their work.  This year looks to be pretty good.


I’ve been able to return a little to my own writing now that work as settled just a little.  I’m hitting back with things and editing things one more go ‘round before I start submitting stuff to agents.  I’m about six chapters in to a twenty-nine chapter book, but at this point I’m looking for grammatical clean up with a little more descriptors.  I’m hoping to be finished with things sometime in mid-March and then the querying can begin!



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