I Swear I’m Not Dead

Life has been crazy for me this past couple of weeks. Things at work are pickup up as we get ready for a big change over in our projects, and without going into too much about it, let’s just say I have plenty on my plate – more so than normal.

My time at home is full of family stuff so most of the time I get to write anything was my time at work. With my increased workload here lately, that has been slowed down to writing almost nothing.  Much less getting anything done for my writing group or posting to blogs.  If I can make it to the beginning of April, things will get better…it’s just getting there.

In any case, I am four chapters away from finishing my second revision of my book. To get this close and still not be finished is frustrating.  I sent myself the last couple of chapters so that I could be a real pro and do it at home over the weekend.  Lets hope for the best there.  I’ve been throwing in during a lot of pitch activity on Twitter with #sonofapitch and #pitchmad.  No real bites yet, but I’ve gotten some great feedback and come into contact with some great writers who are also out to get published.  The online community out there has been awesome and very encouraging.  I’ve got plenty of good tips to go back and do (I’m kinda loathe to start it but I know I need to) the third revision of my book.  This will be for crutch words, passive voice, and editing tricks like that.  I really want to make my stuff the best it can be.

The real hard part has been getting summaries and pitches to be good. Who knew that writing a blurb in 140 characters would be such an art?  Well guess what?  It so is!  On one hand I feel like I haven’t gotten much accomplished, but I can also see where I’ve collected a lot of tools and stuff to help me get better.  I try to focus on that.


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