I Can Feel My Sanity Slowly Coming Back

March has been one of the craziest months I’ve had in a while and it is finally letting up. Things at work are finally at a point where it’s leveling out and we aren’t slammed with stuff going on.  Life outside of work stays busy with church stuff and theatre stuff, but we’ve managed okay.  April is just around the bend and life might be betting back to normal.


I’m looking forward to writing again. Not just keeping a regular blog schedule (weird Idea, I know) but getting back to writing more on my book.  I got beta reader feedback and I’ve been able to sync up with a critique partner.  I have the contacts now to get other perspectives on my work to get it better and ready for submission to agents.  The beta reader comments were great but they also come with the need for significant rewrites.  I started plotting yesterday in preparation for Camp Nanowrimo and I really like where things are going. I want to jump on Camp Nanowrimo to help keep me motivated and moving along to tackle the rewrites and get some stuff done.


I’ve managed to keep up with my writing group here that meets once a month. I’m generally getting good notes there, with a few ways to look back and maybe reword something here and there to help with flow and stuff like that.


It’s not quite time to start working on preparation for Shakespeare in Love, but I know it’s coming soon. It’s another reason I hope to get the book finished, at least mostly finished, through the first half of the summer so I can devote my time to the play without feeling like my book is suffering.  (Note to self:  make a deadline to finish and be ready to submit to agents.  You work best with a schedule)


I think that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on how April goes.





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