Houston, We Have a Problem

Last week things it a sizable snag. The licensing company that has the rights to the show I want to do notified us that they are reserving the show for equity companies at this time and they may open up the rights to it later in the future.


I won’t be doing Shakespeare in Love this fall.


So now I’m quickly looking for something to run in its place. I want something fun and funny and I don’t want to rehash the same comedies that everyone always does.  The hard part is that there aren’t a lot of comedies that have big name recognition that have come out within the last 15 years.  Everything I’m finding is either written by Neil Simon, Noel Coward, or Ken Ludwig.  Outside of that it’s stuff I’ve never heard of before and would be a hard sell.


I have found a show that is a comedy whodunit that has lots of audience participation that sounds fun. I’m ordering the script tomorrow to read.  I hope this one is good and I can make plans for it.


Our auditions for the summer show, Evita, could have gone better. Due to several factors, there wasn’t that great of a turn out and they are doing a second set of auditions next week.  The director is meeting with the production committee about changing when the show dates are to make the show more accommodating for people wanting to audition.  Whatever that decision ends up being may affect me and when I would start rehearsals.  The summer show takes precedence so I’ll have to address that issue when a decision is made.


Lots of stuff is happening quickly and the stress is on.





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