I Might Have Just Found Something

I think I’ve found a show. After looking around for a few days for a show that I can propose in place of what I initially wanted to do, I stumbled across something I hadn’t heard of before.  There is a play written by Pat Cook called You Have the Right to Remain Dead that I ordered and read.  The premise is a whodunit comedy that is written to bring in the audience into the story.  It was a pretty good read and I see a lot of potential for a fun show the audience will tell others about.  I just finished writing up my initial proposal and I will meet with the production committee from the theatre tomorrow night.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


I’ve been lucky enough to keep the production staff I had even though the show ran into a snag. I actually managed to get a sound operator during the last few says.  The support I have received from everyone has been great and I think this new show will do well.


What most people don’t realize is that this is part of the process. You can set up all you can and make plans, but if you don’t get the go ahead from the copyright you can’t go forward with it.  With the theatre planning their whole season at once, this is a risk you take.





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