I Might Have Just Found Something

I think I’ve found a show. After looking around for a few days for a show that I can propose in place of what I initially wanted to do, I stumbled across something I hadn’t heard of before.  There is a play written by Pat Cook called You Have the Right to Remain Dead that I ordered and read.  The premise is a whodunit comedy that is written to bring in the audience into the story.  It was a pretty good read and I see a lot of potential for a fun show the audience will tell others about.  I just finished writing up my initial proposal and I will meet with the production committee from the theatre tomorrow night.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


I’ve been lucky enough to keep the production staff I had even though the show ran into a snag. I actually managed to get a sound operator during the last few says.  The support I have received from everyone has been great and I think this new show will do well.


What most people don’t realize is that this is part of the process. You can set up all you can and make plans, but if you don’t get the go ahead from the copyright you can’t go forward with it.  With the theatre planning their whole season at once, this is a risk you take.





Houston, We Have a Problem

Last week things it a sizable snag. The licensing company that has the rights to the show I want to do notified us that they are reserving the show for equity companies at this time and they may open up the rights to it later in the future.


I won’t be doing Shakespeare in Love this fall.


So now I’m quickly looking for something to run in its place. I want something fun and funny and I don’t want to rehash the same comedies that everyone always does.  The hard part is that there aren’t a lot of comedies that have big name recognition that have come out within the last 15 years.  Everything I’m finding is either written by Neil Simon, Noel Coward, or Ken Ludwig.  Outside of that it’s stuff I’ve never heard of before and would be a hard sell.


I have found a show that is a comedy whodunit that has lots of audience participation that sounds fun. I’m ordering the script tomorrow to read.  I hope this one is good and I can make plans for it.


Our auditions for the summer show, Evita, could have gone better. Due to several factors, there wasn’t that great of a turn out and they are doing a second set of auditions next week.  The director is meeting with the production committee about changing when the show dates are to make the show more accommodating for people wanting to audition.  Whatever that decision ends up being may affect me and when I would start rehearsals.  The summer show takes precedence so I’ll have to address that issue when a decision is made.


Lots of stuff is happening quickly and the stress is on.




Taking Hold of My Procrastination and Punching Straight in the Face

Today I’m sending in the request to get the rights secured for Shakespeare in Love. The vice president of production will be submitting the request for the license and then we wait.

My only concern at this point is the Samuel French website lists all current approved productions of the play and there is a show on the same weekends in Memphis, TN. They are about four and a half hours from us, so I don’t see us competing for the same audience, but I still worry that they will look at it and deny it anyway.  I’m just nervous, so we will see.

I go in on Thursday to help out the cast of Big Fish with a few small combat sequences. I was supposed to go in last night but I completely forgot about it and was kindly reminded by my wife (who is in the show so she was at rehearsal already) while I was giving my son a bath.  That’s helpful anyway seeing as how I haven’t prepared anything.  I may have had to reschedule anyway.

Writing has come to a hold. I’ve gotten great feedback from my beta readers for my novel and I have decided to go back and do a serious rewrite.  Main elements are going to stay, but I’m dropping a story line and changing viewpoints.  I’m outlined and ready to go, but I just need to sit down and start.  I have yet to do this.  Life continues to be busy, but I’ll freely admit that I’ve had time I could have written, but I didn’t.  Shame on me.

More on life as it happens. There’s plenty coming up to keep things going.  Stay tuned.

I Can Feel My Sanity Slowly Coming Back

March has been one of the craziest months I’ve had in a while and it is finally letting up. Things at work are finally at a point where it’s leveling out and we aren’t slammed with stuff going on.  Life outside of work stays busy with church stuff and theatre stuff, but we’ve managed okay.  April is just around the bend and life might be betting back to normal.


I’m looking forward to writing again. Not just keeping a regular blog schedule (weird Idea, I know) but getting back to writing more on my book.  I got beta reader feedback and I’ve been able to sync up with a critique partner.  I have the contacts now to get other perspectives on my work to get it better and ready for submission to agents.  The beta reader comments were great but they also come with the need for significant rewrites.  I started plotting yesterday in preparation for Camp Nanowrimo and I really like where things are going. I want to jump on Camp Nanowrimo to help keep me motivated and moving along to tackle the rewrites and get some stuff done.


I’ve managed to keep up with my writing group here that meets once a month. I’m generally getting good notes there, with a few ways to look back and maybe reword something here and there to help with flow and stuff like that.


It’s not quite time to start working on preparation for Shakespeare in Love, but I know it’s coming soon. It’s another reason I hope to get the book finished, at least mostly finished, through the first half of the summer so I can devote my time to the play without feeling like my book is suffering.  (Note to self:  make a deadline to finish and be ready to submit to agents.  You work best with a schedule)


I think that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on how April goes.




I Swear I’m Not Dead

Life has been crazy for me this past couple of weeks. Things at work are pickup up as we get ready for a big change over in our projects, and without going into too much about it, let’s just say I have plenty on my plate – more so than normal.

My time at home is full of family stuff so most of the time I get to write anything was my time at work. With my increased workload here lately, that has been slowed down to writing almost nothing.  Much less getting anything done for my writing group or posting to blogs.  If I can make it to the beginning of April, things will get better…it’s just getting there.

In any case, I am four chapters away from finishing my second revision of my book. To get this close and still not be finished is frustrating.  I sent myself the last couple of chapters so that I could be a real pro and do it at home over the weekend.  Lets hope for the best there.  I’ve been throwing in during a lot of pitch activity on Twitter with #sonofapitch and #pitchmad.  No real bites yet, but I’ve gotten some great feedback and come into contact with some great writers who are also out to get published.  The online community out there has been awesome and very encouraging.  I’ve got plenty of good tips to go back and do (I’m kinda loathe to start it but I know I need to) the third revision of my book.  This will be for crutch words, passive voice, and editing tricks like that.  I really want to make my stuff the best it can be.

The real hard part has been getting summaries and pitches to be good. Who knew that writing a blurb in 140 characters would be such an art?  Well guess what?  It so is!  On one hand I feel like I haven’t gotten much accomplished, but I can also see where I’ve collected a lot of tools and stuff to help me get better.  I try to focus on that.

Bring on the Creativity!


Tonight is the kick off for Fine Arts with our youth kids at church.  This will be our fourth year taking pieces down to compete.  This year we have 18 students competing in over 28 categories.  We also will have our first group competing this year submitting for both Christian Band and Worship Leading.


Fine Arts is an annual competition where youth from the Assemblies of God come together and compete in arts categories that can help build up their gifts in spreading the gospel.  We’ve had kids compete before in short sermon, art, poetry, urban dance, guitar, bass, children’s book, spoken word, singing, and more.  Those that score well will get an invitation to participate in the National Fine Arts competition. 


We’ve had great participation and talent before and this year is no different.  We’ve had some kids discover talents they didn’t know they had simply because they tried something here, or the confirmed that they do NOT want to do things.  Either way, it’s great to see what they bring each year.


I’ve managed to schedule progress checkups with everyone to where we see them at least once a month to take a look at their work.  This year looks to be pretty good.


I’ve been able to return a little to my own writing now that work as settled just a little.  I’m hitting back with things and editing things one more go ‘round before I start submitting stuff to agents.  I’m about six chapters in to a twenty-nine chapter book, but at this point I’m looking for grammatical clean up with a little more descriptors.  I’m hoping to be finished with things sometime in mid-March and then the querying can begin!


My Realization for the Week

My Realization for the Week

Tuesday night at our bi-weekly men’s meeting at church, we had a great discussion about a needed sense of desperation that most people don’t have in really acknowledging that they need God in their lives. It hit me pretty close that I had succumbed to this problem as well.


I’m fortunate enough to have everything I need in life. I have a house that I live in, food to eat, a job I go to so I can earn a living, and many other things that most of the population of the world would only dream of having.  I had felt a personal disconnection with God.  It’s not like I had a crisis of faith or anything like that, just I had been going on and not really felt his presence.  I go to church twice a week (or more on special occasions for special stuff) and am plugged in.  Something was still missing though.  Worship at church has felt hollow for weeks and I just wanted to see God’s power somewhere.


The thing that hit me was that God hadn’t gone anywhere, I had stopped looking for him. As with any other relationship, if you don’t reach out and communicate with someone, the relationship goes dry.  You still know that person and they are special to you, but you can’t see them in your life, they can’t affect you.  This had become me.  I hadn’t read scripture in a long while.  I had gotten too busy.  What had really happened was that I hadn’t made it a priority.  No wonder I hadn’t felt God’s presence.


I’ve resolved now to keep Him a priority, even if it’s a bit at a time, I don’t want to push God to the back in place of something else that really doesn’t matter anyway. If I keep God first in my brain each day everything else I do will be run through a filter that will keep me where I should be.  I’ll be happier and have more peace.  I’ll be able to see Him work.


I know this is a little different than the norm, but it’s what has happened with me lately. Writing has slowed down with a drastic increase of stuff to do at work, but that will only keep on for a few weeks.  I won’t be really busy in theatre stuff for several months.  Fine Arts with the kids at church is picking up and we will roll out a practice/progress check schedule to the kids here soon.  Life stays busy, but is good.